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The X Factor !

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Q: What show was One Direction discovered on?
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How do One Direction discovered?

They were discovered on the show The X-Factor UK

What country were one direction discovered in?

London at the Show X-Factor

What is the exact time that One Direction Was Discovered?

One Direction Was Discovered At 8:22 pm.

Who discovered the direction?

No one discovered it, it was invented.

who discovered how to make magnets?

one direction

Who is famouser Justin Bieber or one direction?

justin bieber, one direction was discovered in either 2010 or 2011 and justin bieber was discovered in 2006

What cleavage is talc?

Perfect in one direction but often does not show.

How did one direction get discovered?

Through the X-Factor

Will one direction have a tv show?

If u have a facebook like One Direction Hotspot they give a lot of information about one direction and they said that one direction might be getting there own reality show on MTV.

How do you get one direction's?

to see them at there show:)

Does one direction have a show?

no they don't

Does One Direction have a television show?