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Q: What is one direction first manager?
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What is the name of One Direction's manager?

Paul Heggins is the main manager.

What is One Direction's manager's name?

Their manager is Paul Higgins, he is the main

Who is paul to one direction?

He's their tour manager and one of their security guards.

How can you get in touch with the band one direction manager?

call simon cowell

What were One Direction's first song?

One Direction's first single was "What Makes You Beautiful." And the first song they sang as a group was "Torn."

Who was stoke citys first manager?

The first manager of Stoke City football club was one Thomas Slaney.

What is the title of One Direction's first book?

dare to dream : life as one direction.

Is Paul One Directions manager?

His name is Paul Higgins.Simon Cowell

What happened to One Direction?

The new one direction never stopped :) they are still here :) if you are talking about the first one direction, I'm not sure

What is Unity of Direction?

Concept that one manager and one plan for a group of activities having the same goals are essential for effective management

Who first signed one direction?


Who were Brazil's first inhabitants?

one direction