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The managers name is Paul, Simon Cowell's record company.

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Idiot douches who care more about money than the boys they get it from

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Paul Higgins

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Q: Who is one direction's manager?
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What is One Directions manager called?

One directions mangers name is Paul xx

Is Simon cowell one directions manager?

he isn't their manager but they are on his record label

Is Paul One Directions manager?

His name is Paul Higgins.Simon Cowell

Who is 1 Directions manager?

Paul Higgins He acts as One Direction's tour manager and travels with a team of bodyguards all over the world. hope this helps :), yours sincerely, A fellow Directioner ;) xxx

Who is One Directions manager and how do you get a hold of them?

Well, I actually emailed Modest! Management and they did email me back

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