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YES he can, because he can read jacob's mind when he's a wolf... think about it ;)

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Edward Cullen can read the minds of all but Bella.

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Q: Which of the Cullen vampires has the ability to read minds?
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Does Rosalie like being a vampire?

Rosalie doesnt have an extra gift/ability. There are some vampires that do possesses a talent or ability such as Alice being able to see the furture, Jasper controlling emotions, Edward being able to read minds, and Bella begging able to project her shield. Carlisle has a theory that vampires that have a specail ability is jsut that it was what they were good at when they were human. Jasper, when he was human, could calm people down. His words were naturally very convincing. But then you have vampires that don't have a special ability like Carlisle, Esme and Emmett. Rosalie is one of the vampires that do not have a ability or supernatural talent.

Who in twilight can see into the future?

Alice Cullen can see the future. Edward Cullen can read the minds of people, besides Bella. Jasper can make everyone in a room feel calm. James can hunt extremely well.

How did edward know about Bella talking about Jacksonville?

Vampires can hear a lot better than humans, so he heard what Bella said to Mike as an excuse not to go with him to the prom.Also, in Twilight, Vampires can read minds. Chances are; he read Newton's mind and then asked Bella afterwards.

What is Edward's gift?

He can read people's minds.

The movie characters of twilight?

The main characters are Bella and Edward. but if you count everyone: vampires: Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, James, Victoria, and Laurent. humans:, Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, Phil Dwyer, Tyler, Mike Newton, Angela Weber, and Jessica Stanley. the shape shifters are :Jacob black and billy black ( they are not true were wolves so if you didn't know then you need to read the 4th book its the best) those are the main characters what is up twilight lovers just like me --All of that is correct except Billy Black ISN'T a shape shifter. His grandfather was and his son is but he isn't. The reason for this is because the Quilleutes only change into wolves if there are vampires nearby, and when Billy was younger there wern't any vampires nearby. When the vampires did come (the Cullens) Billy was old and anyway, Sam Uley (another shape-shifter) was there to take his place, so Billy never changed. Hope this helps =))

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Which one of the Cullen can read peoples minds?

Edward Cullen has the ability to read people's minds. This power allows him to hear the thoughts of those around him, which can be both a gift and a burden.

Do vampires read mind?

It All Depends On The supernatural Power It Has. Some Have The Ability To Do More Then Just The Original Stuff yes they simply choose to read any persons mind and that's how they do that

What are the Edward Cullen's ability?

its being able to read minds that's it... the more you know them the further out he can read his/her mind hope that helps

Who has the ability to read peoples mind?

Edward Cullen reads minds ,Alice sees the futer ,jasper controls moods.

How do the Volturi plan to kill Edward Cullen in New Moon?

The volturi plan to make him into a volturi because of his power to read minds - they want talented vampires.

Is Edward Cullen schizophrenic because he refers to his mind reading powers as hearing voices which is a symptom that schizophrenics have?

No, he just has the ability to read minds.

What power does Edward have?

Edward Cullen has the power to read people minds and not just one at a time but every single person that's in a room. Also he is the fastest of all the vampires

Which one of the Cullens can control other peoples emotions?

Edward Cullen has the ability to read minds and control others' emotions by manipulating his voice to influence their feelings.

What can Edward Cullen remember that others cant in the book Twilight?

Edward Cullen has the ability to read minds, a power known as telepathy. This allows him to hear the thoughts of those around him, including Bella Swan, the main character in the book Twilight. Edward's ability to read minds gives him an advantage in understanding the thoughts and intentions of those he interacts with.

What is Edward Cullen's three special abilities?

Edward Cullen's three special abilities are telepathy (mind reading), superhuman speed, and the ability to resist the scent of human blood.

What is the ability to read minds?


What is the power of Edward Cullen?

He can read minds from a distance. All except for Bella.