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Vampires can hear a lot better than humans, so he heard what Bella said to Mike as an excuse not to go with him to the prom.

Also, in Twilight, Vampires can read minds. Chances are; he read Newton's mind and then asked Bella afterwards.

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Q: How did edward know about Bella talking about Jacksonville?
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What song is playing when Bella and Edward first come into the prom?

Don't know if I got the question well. If you mean that one played when Edward and Bella reach the prom and get in, that's Perry Farrell - Go all the way (into_the_twilight) if your talking about the one when Edward and Bella are dancing together that is called flightless bird, American mouth, Sam Beam, iron and wine.

What is something Bella told Edward she noticed about him?

Bella: "You're impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is...pale white, and ice cold. Your eyes change color...and sometimes you speak like - like you're from a different time. You never eat or drink anything, you don't go into the sunlight. How old are you?" Edward: "Seventeen." Bella: "How long have you been seventeen?" Edward: "... a while." Bella: "I know what you are." Edward: "Say it...out loud. Say it." Bella: "Vampire." Edward: "Are you afraid?" Bella: "No."

When was Bella supposed to turn into a vampire?

Bella was supposed to turn into a vampire after Edward and Bella got married in Breaking Dawn. Edward was going to bite her at their honeymoon but Bella decided not to get bitten. Then Bella get pregnant with Renesme and when giving birth, her heart almost fails and Edward bites her to save her.

Why is Bella lying to edward in breaking dawn around the time when Bella finds the note in the ottage from Alice?

She doesn't want Edward to know that she is trying to save them. Alice left the note there for only Bella to see. If Edward knew that she was trying to save Renesmee, he would say it was too dangerous and wouldn't let her.

What happens on page 274 in twilight?

I'll answer this but I think you already know. Edward and Bella basically get very close and he kisses her in ways she does not expect. Edward just got back from a hunting trip and Bella is sleeping in Edward's room because Alice basically "kidnapped" her so she wouldn't run off and ride motorcycles with Jacob. And Bella wakes up to Edward! lol, and they kiss and talk and Edward apparently hitches her leg up over his hip which Bella piontedly says in the book that she stopped breathing when he did that because that's over his cautious lines. lol.

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What does Bella say before she falls over on the biology trip?

I was just watching this part of Twilight. Edward is walking with Bella, and he asks her "Whats in Jacksonville?" Bella replies "How you know about that?' Then Edward goes on to say "You didn't answer my question." Bella replies to that "You never answer of my questions, plus you don't even say hi to me." Edward says"Hi." Bella rolls her eyes then asks."How'd you stop the van?" Edward replies, what any teenage girl would probably Google after seing twilight. "I had an Adrenalinerush, Its very common, you can Google it," Then Bella says "Friends. That's whats in Jacksonville." Then of course she falls.

In eclipse Alice Bella and edward are talking about diamonds what do they mean that another one wouldn't hurt?

when edward gave Bella the charm for her bracelet, it was a diamond already but Bella didnt know it. and then when they were talking about another one wouldn't hurt, they were saying that if he proposes to her, it wouldn't hurt to have 2 diamonds on her.

Is there a song with just edward and Bella?

There isn't a song with just Edward and Bella, at least not that I know of.

How could Bella have a baby from Edward?

Because Bella is human and Edward is a vampire. It's possible for a vampire to have a baby with a human, but Edward and Bella didn't know that.

Does Bella's dad know that Edward is a vampire?

No, Bella's dad Charlie doesn't know at all.

In spanish Bella and edward or Bella and Jacob?

I'm not sure what your asking but if you want to know how to say it in Spanish this is how: Bella y Edward o Bella y Jacob. Not much difference.

What do Edward and Bella argue about when they are in hospital?

Bella wants to know how edward stopped tyler's car 4m squishing her 2 death and edward wont tell her.

Who wins Bella?

i know i shouldn't give it but Edward does!

Why does Bella fall for Edward?

y should i know

Who is Bella going out with right know?

In the Twilight Saga, Bella is currently married to Edward.

On what page does Bella and edward have a baby in breaking dawn?

Are you talking about when the baby is born? And also I'm quite curious to know the reason behind a question such as this. :D

What girl is in love with Edward Cullen?

Bella swan who does not know that