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I'll answer this but I think you already know. Edward and Bella basically get very close and he kisses her in ways she does not expect. Edward just got back from a hunting trip and Bella is sleeping in Edward's room because Alice basically "kidnapped" her so she wouldn't run off and ride motorcycles with Jacob. And Bella wakes up to Edward! lol, and they kiss and talk and Edward apparently hitches her leg up over his hip which Bella piontedly says in the book that she stopped breathing when he did that because that's over his cautious lines. lol.

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right so chapter 6 in breaking dawn.

6 - Distraction

The housekeeper comes, and thinks Edward is a vampire from her old legends that supposedly he makes love to beautiful women, for child bearing. Edward is pretty much doing all he can do to avoid having sex with Bella at all. Bella keeps begging..

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Edward and Bella are talking in their meadow and suddenly he says "And so the lion falls in love with the lamb."

Bella: "What a stupid lamb."

Edward: "What a sick, masocistic lion."

That's what the chapter is most famous for.

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Q: What happens on page 274 in twilight?
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What page in twilight is the word masochistic found on?

Chapter 13. CONFESSIONS, page 274. 6th paragraph, 1st sentence.

When in twilight the book does edward tell Bella you are my life now?

In order for Twilight * Page 274 (Edward says it) * Page 314 (Bella says it) * Page 366 (Edward says it in many words) * Page 418 (Edward and Bella) * Page 456 (Edward says it) * Page 479 (Edward and Bella) * Page 498 (Bella says it)

On what page of twilight does Bella hurt mike in gym?

She doesn't that only happens in the movie

Who said and so the lion fell in love with the lamb?

It's a biblical reference, I do believe. "...and the lion shall lie down with the lamb""and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" is a play on the famous phrase from the Book of Revelations in the Bible: "...and so the lion shall lay down with the lamb." This indicates what will happen when the second coming of Jesus takes place in the religion of Christianity; the lion and the lamb will lay down together, enemies will become friends, and hate will not exist in the kingdom of Heaven.

What was the page that Bella search in the web quileute leyends in twilight movie?

Page 133 of Twilight.

What page does Edward tell Bella that she is his life now?

Edward tells Bella that she is his life now in "Twilight" on page 221.

What type of day is it on page 232 of Twilight?

It's twilight.

How many words is on the fifth page of twilight?

There are 296 words on that page

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Bella gets sick in biology on page 12 of the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.

What page of the book Twilight describes Rosalie's car?

Its on page 199 and then 223

What page in twilight is the word misogynistic on?

page 143... I had to look up the meaning :)

What page in twilight is the word evasiveness on?

there is none