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uuummmm.... Lord of the Rings!!!!

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Q: Which movie have orcs in them?
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In The Hobbit Did Beorn like the Orcs?

Of course not. Nobody likes Orcs, even Orcs don't like Orcs!

What are Mordor Orcs?

Mordor Orcs are Orcs from the Land of Mordor and are loyal to Sauron

When was The Orcs of Thar created?

The Orcs of Thar was created in 1988.

In The Hobbit was the white orc character in the book as well?

There are many orcs in The Hobbit. The main antagonist amongst the orcs, however, is Azog the White Orc, who killed Thorin's father.No but jackson has him in the movie anyway it sucks

Are Uruk-Hai orcs more numerous than Mordor?

No, more orcs in Mordor exist than Uruk-Hai orcs from Isengard.

When was Destroy the Orcs created?

Destroy the Orcs was created on 2003-10-27.

What is the name used for the great soldier-Orcs that Saruman breeds?

Sauron was the first to create orcs then the orcs created by Saruman were called the Uruk-hai.

Are orcs ogres?

For World of Warcraft: No, Orcs are not related to Ogres. They are two entirely separate races.In The Lord of the Rings orcs are related to goblins. Ogres do not appear in Middle-earth.

What is the name of the elvish girl that Legolas helps kill the orcs and spiders in The Hobbit part 2?

That is Tauriel, a character created for the movie.

How many Orcs sieged Minas Tirith?

Hundreds of thousands, most likely. In the movie the Whie Wizard said the army was 10,000

How do you find the orcs in Oblivion?

There are no living orcs in Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. However, there are many orcs throughout Cyrodil that you can find while not within one of the Oblivion gates.

Did J.R.R. Tolkien invent orcs?

He borrowed the name, but everything else about orcs in Middle-Earth is original.

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