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There are many orcs in The Hobbit. The main antagonist amongst the orcs, however, is Azog the White Orc, who killed Thorin's father.
No but jackson has him in the movie anyway it sucks

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Q: In The Hobbit was the white orc character in the book as well?
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Who is a flat character from The Hobbit?

Three-dimensional, I would say. His character develops throughout The Hobbit, too, it might be added.

Which famous book by J.R.R Tolkien includes Gandalf?

Both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings include Gandalf as a major character, but Gandalf existed during Tolkien's other books as well.

Was White Fang white?

No, in the book white fang, the main Character (White Fang ) was not white. He was Grey. but he was named white fang only because white means pure or honest. well fang is the deadly teeth of your vitom.

Where do the men live?

well, if you are talking about the men in the book 'The Hobbit' then the men live in Lake-Town

Which character's downfall was having too much pride in 'The Hobbit'?

Thorin. Stubborn as well. Smaug had a problem with pride as well, unto his utter ruin!

What does timeless appeal mean?

Timeless appeal means that generations love the book. A book like The Hobbit has been popular for well over fifty years.

What is a website for 'The Hobbit'?

{| |- | The Hobbit is not available legally on line. Reviews and excerpts can be found on most of the book sellers' sites. There are many fan sites that talk about the books. There will be numerous sites about the upcoming movie as well. |}

What has roots as nobody sees is taller than the trees up up it goes and yet it never grows?

Well, Hobbit man, i have just finished that book like two months ago, and i am only ten. Mountains. Well, Hobbit man, i have just finished that book like two months ago, and i am only ten. Mountains.

Was Elrond a good character in 'The Hobbit'?

Integrity; he keeps calm throughout all situations. He has the gift of foresight; he can look into the future and try and stop or alter events that may hinder the welfare of his people/kin. He's a good fighter. He is immortal, (too an extent).

How does Wormtongue die?

i cant remember too well but i dont think he does.

Any person named renesmee?

well there's me and that book character

What film series is Gollum well known for?

Gollum is a well known character from the Lord of The Rings film series. Gollum was once a hobbit, but the power of the one ring, his "precious" consumed him, Turing him into the Gollum creature.