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i say book but that's just me

The book is better i mean in the movie what happened to the blood type i loved that chapter!!!

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2011-09-13 13:01:39
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Q: Which is better Twilight the book or the movie?
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In twilight which is better the book or the movie?

The Movie. The book is much much better than the movie, theres more detail

Wed better do this by the book?

If you mean that the director better make the movies exactly like the book, then good luck. They always try to make the movie better than the book but they usually dont. the book is always better. For example Twilight the book and Twilight the movie are totally different.

Is the twilight movie better than the book?

that would have to be your own opinon but, if you care for mine, i find the book better

Is the new moon movie better than the twilight movie?

read the book and figure it out yourself

In twilight did Stephenie Meyer like the book's and movie's?

Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight, so of course she likes it. And she was there when the cast were filming Twilight the movie. So she had a say on how to make it better. So I guess, yes Stephenie Meyer likes both Twilight the book, and Twilight the movie.

Will watching the movie twilight give the book away?

YES YES YES its better to read the book because the book gives better detail so in the movie you will know what is going on

Is the movie Twilight better than the book Twilight?

No, most people agree that the books are a lot more detailed and overall better than the movies.

What is beter the book or the movie twilight?

1st person to answer: The movie is better in my opinion end of second thought the movie is WAY BETTER 2nd person to answer: I found if you asked people who read the book first they disliked the movie but, if you saw the movie then read the books the movie was better. So I really think the book is WAY WAY WAY better. 3rd person to answer: i like the twilight movie better than the book but it is not better than the other books. if they want that they're gonna have a hard time.

Which is better - Twilight movie or novel?

twilight novel is better.

Where was the movie twilight based on?

Twilight the Movie was based on the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Is golden onion in twilight book?

No. This was not in the book Twilight. This was only in the movie.

Which movie is better Transformers or Twilight and why?


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