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There are many such as the cooking scene in the movie where the Cullens (apart from Edward) are cooking for Bella. This part is not in the book. Also, where the bad Vampires (James, Laurent and Victoria) are "Feeding", (In the boathouse and factory). Those two parts in the movie are not in the book. Also, near the end of the movie, where she has to get away from Alice and Jasper, the part in the movie is slightly different.

in the book they often tell I love you to each other while in the movie I never heard if they told each other I love you.
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i say book but that's just me

The book is better i mean in the movie what happened to the blood type i loved that chapter!!!

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Not really, because the book has events that the movie does not have. But they also have the same events

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Although the movie was amazing, the book ("The Hunger Games") was far better.

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Q: Is the movie twilight the same as the book?
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The similarities of twilight movie and book and movie?

The twilight movie uses most diolouge from the book and is basicly the same except for some small differences.

What is the difference from the book twilight and the movie twilight?

It's the same idea and the same plot, but of course, in the movie they cut out certain parts of the book and some things are different.

What Happens in The Twilight Saga New Moon The Movie?

The same thing as in the book.

Where was the movie twilight based on?

Twilight the Movie was based on the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Is golden onion in twilight book?

No. This was not in the book Twilight. This was only in the movie.

In twilight was Bella scared when she found out Edwards secret in the book and movie twilight?

she wasnt scared in the book or the movie

Golden onion in which twilight book?

No it is not in the book Twilight. This was only in the screenplay adapted for the movie.

What was the difference in setting in twilight movie and twilight novel?

The twilight novel is the book

Which twilight book was the best?

if you saw the movie before the book eclipse if you read the book first twilight

If you like the book and movie twilight but at the same time your easly startled what is the best thing to do and why?

take anxiety pills and enjoy the movie

Why is Twilight Movie titled 'Twilight'?

Because the movie Twilight is based of the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and In the books twilight is seen as the safest time of day for vampires.

Is the saga to twilight Robert Pattinson's first book's and or movie's of vampire's?

yes Did Robert Pattinson like the book movie and saga of twilight?