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Q: Which episode does layla meet nabu?
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Who is layla's boyfriend winx club?


Will the winx be able to bring nabu back to life with the sirenix song?

No, Nabu can't be brought to life. I think Aisha (Layla) will go out with Roy.

Who will be married in Winx season 4?

Nabu proposes to layla. *Spoiler* Nabu also dies before they get married but people are saying he is only in a coma and will come b ack in the 5th season.

What is the first winx episode that has layla in it?

in the movie winx layla first arives in season 2 episode 1.

Does anyone get married in winx club?

Well, I'm not sure, but i can tell you this ... Layla was supposed to get married with Nabu,but fortunately he dies they don't they cant get married!

What is name of layla boyfriend in winx club?

Musas boyfriend is Riven,although he is really stubborn

Is it true that one of the winx in winx club 4 is going to die?

Unfortunately Nabu dies in 24 episode (i think)...

When did NABU Network end?

NABU Network ended in 1985.

When was NABU Network created?

NABU Network was created in 1982.

Who are the winx club boyfriends?

The boys are the Winx boyfriends. Bloom & Sky Stella & Brandon Flora & Helia Tecna & Timmy Musa & Riven Layla (or Aisha) & Nabu

Which episode Naruto and pain will meet?

They meet in episode 163. The episode is released now.

What inuyasha episode do they meet songo?

they meet songo in episode 24