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Musas boyfriend is Riven,although he is really stubborn

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At first, layla thinks her boyfriend's name is ophir (srry if i misspelled it) but later finds out his real name is nabu, the guy who she is supposed to marry.

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Q: What is name of layla boyfriend in winx club?
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Who is layla's boyfriend winx club?


Is there a water fairy in winx club?

Aisha - Layla is the water fairy of the Winx Club.

Does Layla get pregnant in winx club?


What is tecna Boyfriend name in Winx Club?

His name is Timmy

Who is the boyfriend of Stella in the cartoon winx club?

his name is brandon

Who is the first member of the winx club to earn their enchantix?


Does Layla stay with Nebula in winx club?

honestly i Don't know for sure i think she comes back but yes she is dicluded from the winx club.

How did the Winx get their pixies?

In the beginning of Season 2, (when the Winx Club is rescuing Layla) Layla has a number of pixies carrying with her and the Winx Club find their bonded pixies, (its kind of like love at first site, or soulmates). Every fairy has their own pixie they love.

How can you run winx club online?

winx club online is similar to sparkcityworld (a virtual game that you can shop dress up your person etc.) the top player on sparkcityworld is PINKYPRINCESS11 she is the best player .she dresses so pretty she has 7123683 star coins.I love her so much FROM: Stella-winx club Bloom-winx club flora-winx club Techna-winx club layla-winx club Musa-winx club roxy-winx club yuki-sparkcityworld

What is name of aisha boyfriend in winx club?

Helia; he is a prince friend of Prince Sky; who is Bloom's boyfriend...

Who are the winx club boyfriends?

The boys are the Winx boyfriends. Bloom & Sky Stella & Brandon Flora & Helia Tecna & Timmy Musa & Riven Layla (or Aisha) & Nabu

What are the release dates for Winx Club - 2004 My Boyfriend's Wedding 2-6?

Winx Club - 2004 My Boyfriend's Wedding 2-6 was released on: USA: 2005