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Episode 117

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Q: What episode does Sasuke meet jugo?
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When Sasuke fought ichibi did jugo turn into a kid?

jugo along with some others were sent by akaski to retrieve killer bee, who is the 8 tails. Sasuke gets severely injured and to save him jugo gave him some of his skin, which made him younger, this happens in naruto shippuden, episode 143 sasuke vs eight-tails

Who is jugo karin and suigetsu?

Jugo ,Karin, And Suigetsu Are Sasuke's Teammates First His Team Was Called Team Snake But Now It's Call Team Hawk.U Can Find The Episode At Naruto.Com Episode:115-118

What episode sasuke spend time in jail?

He has not been locked up. You might think of Shippuden episode 116, when he visits Karin who worked in a prison, or when he freed Jugo in the next episode.

Who does Jugo say Sasuke is a memento of?


After they are caught do Jugo and Suigetsu reunite with sasuke?


Who is team snake?

sasuke, seigetsu, karin, and jugo

Does Jugo die?

okay he does not sasuke leaves jugo and suigetsu somewhere so it is sorta like he died

What episode does Sasuke and sakura meet in in Shippuden?

The first time they meet in Shippuden is the special episode entitled "Reunion", episode 51-52.

Who are Sasuke Uchiha new team?

Suigestu, Karin and Jugo.

In what Naruto episode does Sasuke meet Gaara?

He is first seen in chapter 35/episode 20.

What is hebi on naruto Shippuden?

Hebi is the group sasuke creates. It consists of Karen, Saigetsu, Sasuke, and Jugo.

Why is JÅ«go trying to kill Sasuke?

The first time they met Jugo had one of his anger moments, so he would have tried whoever came through the door, which was Sasuke. After being scared into submission, Jugo hasn't tried to kill Sasuke.