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Episode 79.

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Q: Which episode did Hiroto Kazama hug Kirari Tsukishima?
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In what episode was Kirari and Hiroto's first date?

Kirari and Hiroto's first was in episode 91.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kirarin Revolution - 2006?

The cast of Kirarin Revolution - 2006 includes: Chigusa Ikeda as Naa-san Koharu Kusumi as Kirari Tsukishima Akio Suyama as Hiroto Kazama

What episode does hiroto and Kirari dance?

Episode 91

What anime is Kirari Tsukishima in?

Kirari Tsukishima is from Kirarin Revolution. More details go to Anime news network.

What happens in episode 133 of kirarin revolution?

Kirari and Hiroto live happily ever after.

In which episode does seiji and hiroto fight over kirari?

If you want to know that much then watch the series.

Who does the voice of tsukishima kirari?

Kusumi Koharu, of course.

What episode does hiroto go to the beach with Kirari?

he confessed to her in episode 133 ( i cant find this episode at all) he confessed after cloudy confesses to kirari. then they start to go out in the manga kirari confessed and then they go out or something like that

Which animes has Kusumi Koharu been in?

"Kirarin Revolution" as Kirari Tsukishima .

Is Kirari Tsukishima fashionable at her age?

yes and of crouse she is so CUTE......................

What episode does kaoru kiss haruhi?

epiode 13! she is kissed by HIROTO! not SEJI! no its was an act for the movie they pretended behind the curtain but she does kiss hiroto here from wiki (He was unaware that Kirari harbored similar feelings towards Hiroto) (In the manga, their relationship is deeper due to that they kiss twice.) oh they get together at the end of the manga and anime. oh anime actually got 152 episodes not 101

Does kirari like hiroto?

yes he does but doesnt really notice it at first.