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Kirari and Hiroto live happily ever after.

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The guy called Hiroto confesses to Kirari that he is in love with her. Everyone is looking for the english episode as their are no subs.

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she doesnt end up with anybody

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Q: What happens in episode 133 of kirarin revolution?
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What is the episode of Naruto Shippuden does Jiraiya die in?

Episode 133

Which Naruto episode does jiraiya die in?

Episode 133.

What Naruto episode is episode 133?

naruto fight against sasuke

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lol the question says what episode does jiraiya and tsunade fight orochimaru, and its 52 not 133, 133 when naruto and sasuke fought

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The episode of Naruto when Jiraya dies is in the 133rd episode of the series. The name of the episode was The Tale of Jiraiya.

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they fight on eps 129-133

What episode does hiroto go to the beach with Kirari?

he confessed to her in episode 133 ( i cant find this episode at all) he confessed after cloudy confesses to kirari. then they start to go out in the manga kirari confessed and then they go out or something like that

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