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In Battle Of The Hexes (season 8 episode 8

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Q: Which charmed episode where paige and Henry meet?
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What is the episode of charmed where they meet Paige?

the first episode of season 4

What was the first on charmed episode on series 4?

Charmed Again (Prue's funeral, the sisters meet Paige) :D

What is the name of the episode when prue meets paige?

There is no such episode because Prue and Paige never meet in the show.

What episode did pheobe meet coop on charmed?

Season 8 episode 14

Did the charmed ones meet there other sleves?

they met their younger selves in 'that seventies episode' (season 1. ep17) then they become their older selves in 'morality bites' (season 2 ep2)

Will paige meet drew mcintyre someday?


Which episode Naruto and pain will meet?

They meet in episode 163. The episode is released now.

Does paige key want to meet Justin Bieber?


What inuyasha episode do they meet songo?

they meet songo in episode 24

What episode of beyblade does genga meet madoka?

They meet in episode 1

How many times does Leo and paige go back in time in charmed?

Leo and Paige only travel back once together and that is to see her parents death. However there were several times where Paige time-traveled back and met a younger Leo. For example she sneezed herself into a different dimension where she and her sisters had not met and she meets Leo there. She also travels back to meet a young Penny Haliwell via some go-go boots and Leo actually hits on her there.

What episode did powerpuff girls z meet the rowdyruff boys?

They meet in episode 20