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There is no such episode because Prue and Paige never meet in the show.

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Q: What is the name of the episode when prue meets paige?
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What was the name of the four sisters in charmed?

Phoebe, Paige, Prue and Piper

What was the first on charmed episode on series 4?

Charmed Again (Prue's funeral, the sisters meet Paige) :D

Is Paige Matthew's stronger than Prue Halliwheel?

prue was the first born halliwell which means she is the most powerful in that way and since paige is the youngest her power could be limited, but also to add to that prue had a mortal father who had no powers at all while paige had her whitelighter powers from sam (her dad) which gave her a power boost. take for example paige call for the book of shadows while she is downstairs and it is in the attict, she was able to call for it while prue only could have made it fly across the attic. it is unknown wheater prue could have displayed this ability although her grandmother penny could as she 'flew' the girls out of the manor in that 70's episode. so in conclusion paige has to be stronger becuase of her whitelighter side.

What was the four sisters name on charmed oldest to youngest?

The oldest was Prue, followed by Piper, then Phoebe and Paige.

What is the charmed girls dad's name?

Prue, Piper and Phoebe's father's name is Victor Bennet. Paige's dad is Sam Wilder.

What is the name of the charmed episode where prue could get killed in by a dream sorcerer?

Simply enough the episode name is The Dream Sorcerer

What season of charmed did paru die?

okay, first thing. her name is PRUE. and PRUE died in the last episode of the third season.

What are the charmed one names?

Prue full name Prudence Halliwell Piper Halliwell Phoebe Halliwell Paige Mathews

What is the name of the episode where Prue dies on Charmed?

All Hell breaks loose

What episode of charmed does prue and cole kiss?

There isn't an episode where Prue & Cole kiss. Prue is basically repulsed by Cole & Cole & Phoebe are madly in love.

The three Charmed sisters are Prudence Rosemary and Piper?

false Piper, Phoebe and Prue. Paige came later instead of Prue

Is prue dead episode 1 of season four?

Yeah poor prue :(