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a celebrity said scary scary scary

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Q: Which celebrity said scary scary scary?
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What is it like to randomly meet a celebrity?

scary you know !

What challenges do the celebrity's have to do in 'I am a celebrity get me out of here'?

Challanges: .Eating disgusting parts of animals or insects that are alive .Do scary things (to do with hights) .Sometimes timed trials

Is Halo reach scary?

Personally, I do not find any Halo games to be scary and I am a girl. That being said, everyone's version of "scary" is different.

Why did people start wearing scary costumes on Halloween?

People started to wear scary costumes on Halloween to scare away evil beings that were said to come out during Halloween. It is said that if the children dressed as scary things then the scary beings wouldn't recognize them so they wouldn't take them.

Who is Ariana's celebrity crush?

e She said she loves Leonardo DiCaprio and she said she would marry Daniel Radcliff. In her recent twitter postings, she said that Bruno Mars is her celebrity crush.Jim Carey

Who was Logan lermans first celebrity crush?

on the bonnie hunt show he said his celebrity crush was betty white

Who is Cher Lloyd's favorite celebrity?

Cher Lloyd has never said her favourite celebrity so we don't know this information.

Who is the celebrity crush of chaz somers?

He said on Twitter it was Demi Lovato

What holiday is scary?

Depending on which relatives are visiting during said holiday, any could be rather frightening. But most perceive Halloween to be a 'scary' holiday.

Is High School fun or scary?

its scary if your bad and get to scary if you gossip about people and there about to find out you said it! Its fun pretty much all the time though.

Is the new Batman movie scary?

Not really. It can be scary for little kids because of the Joker, but he's personally my favorite character. Scenes make you jump. Like the other guy said, all in all not that scary.

What celebrity does Josh Hutcherson like?

Zoe Saldana. He said it in Seventeen Magazine