What holiday is scary?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Depending on which relatives are visiting during said holiday, any could be rather frightening. But most perceive Halloween to be a 'scary' holiday.

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Q: What holiday is scary?
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How would you describe Halloween to a 5 year old?

A holiday where you get candy from people and be scary because on that night, scary things will happen.

Is Halloween really scary?

It depends on where you go. It actually didn't start out as a scary holiday, but it became one somewhere along the road.

Which holiday world coaster is the least scariest?

there are none that aren't scary. deal with it.

Is the voyage scary?

the voyge at holiday world is scary to most people but not just scary but also fun ride it when you go to see for yourself i have never rode it but my family has i know im going to ride it when i go

Why the ghost are scary?

Halloween can be scary because people are running around in scary costumes sometimes. That and the fact that it is night time, makes it pretty creepy to some people.

When does knotts berry farm get full?

id probably say its full during holiday breaks, when its knotts scary farm and weekends.

Why do they show the best movies on Halloween?

Some People Just Think They Should Make Scary Halloween Movies Because It Makes The Movie Intresting

Where can one download scary music for Halloween?

A person can download scary music for Halloween from iTunes or from Amazon. There are many CDs out that have been released for the Halloween season. The whole album can be downloaded or particular tracks. One can get some free music from the website The Holiday Spot and OddioOverplay.

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