Is chucky scary

Updated: 8/28/2023
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SCARY?!!! give me a break its not scary he just looks scary

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Chucky is a fictional character.

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Q: Is chucky scary
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What scary movies came out in 1988?

chucky(child's play).

Is Chucky's wife real?

Yes, it was based on a true story Yes. hes my Husband

Is the orphan a scary movie?

No , but i love scary stuff. I have a chucky poster on my ceiling.

What is the best chucky movie?

The movie Child's Play that features the doll Chucky is rated R.

What is lil chucky's real name?

Chucky's real name is Rashad Ballard. Charles Lee Ray is the Chucky doll from the movie.

Does anyone have any horror stories which are very scary?

Yes. The scariest horror storie must be Chucky

Can your 12 year old watch the movie bride of chucky?

yes, its not scary...but theres sex though

Is chucky real and is scream and bloody Marie and candyman real?

No they are just scary stories and movies. the characters are fictional

Who is the best murder on any scary movies?

Personally, I think in The Seed of Chucky, when Tiffany kills Redman. Just my opinion.

Does Selena and demi and miley like chucky movies?

Yes. Selena loves scary movies, and demi does to, but were not sure about miley.

Does chuckey creep you out?

yes YES Absolutely... that doll is pretty scary. he's coming...he's coming! yea the chucky doll does creep me out!

What chucky doll movie is better the bride of chucky or the seed of chucky?

For as bad as "Bride of Chucky" was, "Seed of Chucky" was a complete piece of comedic trash.