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It doesn't appear that any of the Jonas brothers ever dated a black girl. The Jonas brothers were a boy band active from 2005 to 2013.

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Q: Which Jonas brother dated a black girl?
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Have nick Jonas ever dated a black girl?

yes nick il date a black girl

Was the Jonas Brother's Mandy videos based on a true story?

Joe really dated a girl named Mandy.

Is Samantha Tobin a girl Joe Jonas dated?

Yes she is a girl Joe Jonas dated in 2010 and he still is dating her!

Did the Jonas Brothers ever date a tall black girl?

well all of the Jonas brothers cant date the same girl but Kevin has dated a tall blck girl her name was somona

Who was the first girl Joe Jonas dated?

Mandy VanDuyne

What Jonas brother sings video girl?

] ==

Has Eminem dated black women?

He dated a black girl in high school and Mariah Carey.

What is the youngest girl Nick Jonas ever dated?

The answer is 12 years old when he was 15

Does Nick Jonas like alissa caplin?

he never dated a girl named alissa

Who did Nick Jonas go out with?

he dated miley cyrus,selena gomez, and for a while he dated this really pretty girl named katelin.

What cheetah girl dated the brother of the Kim Kardashian?

Adrienne Bailon.

Why was the song by the Jonas brothers Australia written?

joe dated an Australian girl named Amelia.