Who plays maria on Jonas?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Scheana Marie plays the Pizza girl in the show Jonas. :)

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Q: Who plays maria on Jonas?
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Who plays Jonas in Twister?

Actor Cary Elwes plays Jonas in the movie Twister.

Who plays the drums in Jonas Brothers?

Nick Does Alot of the songs.

What position does Jonas Jerebko play?

Jonas Jerebko plays for the Detroit Pistons.

Who is stela on Jonas?

Chelsea Staub plays Stella on JONAS.

Who plays Frankie in the TV show Jonas?

Frankie Jonas plays the role of Frankie in the sitcom Jonas. Frankie is the youngest sibling of the musical trio Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas. His full name is Franklin Nathaniel Jonas.

Who plays Maria in Santana video Maria Maria?

Lei Ying Lo

Who plays drums in Jonas brothers?

nick jonas, the youngest one.

Informathion about Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas is the lead singer in the Jonas Brothers. He plays Joe Lucas in the original Disney series JONAS. He plays Shane Gray in the orignal Disney movie Camp Rock.

What does Nick Jonas plays?

The gutiar

Who plays Jason in camp rock?

Kevin Jonas plays Jason.

What position does Jonas Valanciunas play?

Jonas Valanciunas plays center for the Toronto Raptors.

What NHL team does Jonas Brodin play for?

Jonas Brodin plays for the Minnesota Wild.