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In the sixth-period Biology class on Bella's first day at school in Forks.

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Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: Where does Edward first smell Bella?
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Why did edward save Bella in twilight from the car if he hated her at first?

Edward never hated Bella. He just REALLY loved the smell of her blood and didn't want to eat her.

Does Edward like Bella when he first meet her?

No. He likes her smell at first and then takes the time to think about her and realizes how much he likes her.

How does Bella's blood smell to Edward?

Bella's blood smells like a never-ending craving to Edward, sweet and delicious.

Why does edward get tense when Bella comes a round?

HE can smell her blood.

Where was Bella and Edward's first kiss?

Bella and Edward's first kiss was in Bella's bedroom, IN THE MOVIE. In the book, however, their first kiss was in the meadow, after Edward sparkles.

Where does Bella first see Edward and his siblings?

Bella first sees edward and his siblings at school.

What was Edward's first word to Bella?

His first sentence was; "Hello, im Edward Cullen. Your Bella?''

How old is Bella when she first see's edward?

Bella is 17 when she meets edward....

What does Edward tell Bella in her room when she asks if she's attractive to Edward?

"Bella, you are always attractive to me... your smell... your looks, your hair is quite appealing to"

How does Bella react when she and Edward first kiss?

Bella can react to kiss Edward first But she will kiss Jacob first.

What color was edward's eyes when Bella's first saw him in class?

Edward's eyes were black when Bella first saw him.

What part of Bella did she believe repulsed Edward in the beginning?

Her smell but actually he was attracted!

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