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They hide in a cave in both the movie and the book.

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No they go in a cave

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In a cave

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Q: Where do petta and katniss hide out during the rain?
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What are some examples of hyperbole in The Hunger Games?

When Cinna made Katniss' dress look like it was on fire.When the Capitol used fire rain to show that fire can be dangerous, and Katniss is dangerous to the Capitol. They were sending a message to Katniss saying 'Fire can warm you up, but when it is too powerful, it will burn everything in its wake'.When Cato and his followers used so many bombs to protect their food and to blow up anyone who will try to steal their food.When Peeta and Katniss decided to 'kill' themselves by 'eating' the nightlock so that the Capitol will have to make them both the victors and end the game.

What is Katniss' connection to Peeta?

They went to school together, and Peeta had a crush on her. When they got older, he saw her starving and threw her some bread that he was supposed to feed to the animals.And then they both went to the Hunger Games together, where he and Katniss became friends.The only connection they really have is that they're friends and he loves her.They first met when Katniss was younger. She was out in the rain, looking for food while her family was starving. She was searching through trash cans when she attracted the attention of the baker's wife and son. The "witch of a wife" wife told Katniss to leave. She collapsed by a tree in the yard, unable to walk. Peeta snuck out of the house with bread he had intentionally burned, and tossed it to Katniss.They later were both reaped for two Hunger Games; the 74th, and the 75th, also known as the Quarter Quell. They started to bond and care for each other immensely, to make an understatement. After the Quarter Quell. Peeta was kidnapped by the Capitol, and brutally tortured. He was recovered, in hopes of raising Katniss' moral, so she could be the face of the rebellion more effectively. After the rebellion was over, Katniss chose to be with Peeta over Gale, and then got married and had two kids.

Who are the gamemakers in The Hunger Games?

In the first book, Seneca crane is the head gamemaker, and they refer to everyone else as "the gamemakers". the only gamemaker they refer to by name in the whole series, is the head gamemaker.

How does Peeta Mellark react to Claudius' final announcement in The Hunger Games?

Katniss was very surprised, angry even. She didn't understand what he meant, she thought it was just to get more sponsors. Katniss pushes Peeta afterwards for announcing a lie, because she thought she looked like a weakling. Afterwards Haymitch says that it's a good thing because she will get sponsers, too. It would put on a good show, and that's exactly what Panem wants. At the end of the book, Katniss finds out that Peeta meant what he said, and it was the truth.

What was the last song played during the end credits of the Sid and Nancy movie?

The last song closing the film was "Taxi to Heaven" by Pray for Rain .

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set fire to the rain by adele

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Took out the poisonous berries that killed Foxface. She got from Peeta when they came right out of the caves after the rain.

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