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What the heck kinda question is this?....Stalker..

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Justin Bieber's grandparents live in Stratford - Ontario, Canada.

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Q: Where do Justin Bieber's grandparents live?
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Do Justin Bieber's grandparents live in Poland?

Justin biebers grandparents live in stratford Ontario Canada (Justin biebers hometown) at 288 that's the addressss

How old are Justin biebers grandparents?


Why are Justin biebers and his grandparents so close?

they lived together

Are Justin biebers grandparents think about Justin being famous?

They are beyond proud of him for chasing his dreams

Did Justin biebers grandparents die?

justin biebers grand parent didnt die cause i saw them at one of his concerts. Who asked that .Did yours die

What is Justin biebers great grandparents names?

Bruce and Diane :) I love JUSTIN BIEBERR!

Does Justin biebers grandma live with him?


Why is Justin biebers grandparents last name dale?

because it is! it's a name people have names!

What is Justin Biebers ps3 live name?


What is Justins biebers grandparents named?

His paternal grandparents are Johnathan and Joanna. Both reside in New York. Both are in their 50s. His maternal grandfather Ken currently resides with Justin and Justin's mother. His maternal grandmother Mary passed away when Justin was 5.

Where does Justin biebers grandmother live?

Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Where does Justin biebers relatives live?

Stratford, Ontario Canada