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Sir Charles Hotham was born on January 14, 1806.

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sir governor chales hothem died in Melbourne 31st of december 1855

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Q: Where did sir Governor Charles hotham die?
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When did Sir Charles Hotham die?

Sir Charles Hotham died on December 31, 1855.

What is Sir Charles Hotham's birthday?

Sir Charles Hotham was born on January 14, 1806.

How old was Sir Charles Hotham at death?

Sir Charles Hotham died at the age of 49 on December 31, 1855.

Was sir Charles Hotham elected prime minister of Australia?

No. Sir Charles Hotham was not one of Australia's Prime Ministers. He was Governor of Victoria from 1854-1855, long before Federation and therefore before Australia had its first Prime Minister.

How old is Sir Charles Hotham?

Sir Charles Hotham was born on January 14, 1806 and died on December 31, 1855. Sir Charles Hotham would have been 49 years old at the time of death or 204 years old today.

Was Sir Henry Parkes the first governor-general of Australia?

No. Australia's first Governor General was Sir Charles FitzRoy.

When did Sir Charles Murray Marling die?

Sir Charles Murray Marling died in 1933.

When did Sir Charles Lyell die?

Sir Charles Lyell died on February 22, 1875 at the age of 77.

Did sir Charles hotham find gold?

Charles Hotham didn't find any gold in Victoria, he was to busy running the colleny of Victoria and enforcing licence laws to gain money for England because Australia was in debt and had to eventually pay it back. But today Australia is still billions of dollars in debt thus this is not an offical debt, meaning it is not neacacery to pay back the money any more.

When did Sir Charles Lock Eastlake die?

Sir Charles Lock Eastlake died on December 24, 1865 at the age of 72.

When did Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry die?

Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry died on October 7, 1918, in Knight's Croft, Rustington, Sussex, England, UK.

Was sir Charles Ferguson New Zealand governor general or prime minister during 1929?

Sir Charles Ferguson was New Zealand's Governor General betwen 1924 and 1930.