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Sir James Howie died in 1995.

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Q: When did Sir James Howie die?
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When was Sir James Howie born?

Sir James Howie was born in 1907.

When did James Howie die?

James Howie died in 1963-01.

When did Sir James Butler die?

Sir James Butler died in 1487.

When did Sir James Scudamore die?

Sir James Scudamore died in 1619.

When did Sir James Ramsden die?

Sir James Ramsden died in 1896.

When was James Howie born?

James Howie was born on 1878-03-19.

When did Sir James Wilson die?

Sir James Wilson died on February 29, 1880 at the age of 68.

When did Sir Edmund James Palmer Norton die?

Sir Edmund James Palmer Norton died in 1944.

What year did sir James stirling die?


When did Sir James Hopwood Jeans die?

Sir James Hopwood Jeans died on September 16, 1946 at the age of 69.

When did Sir James George Frazer die?

Sir James George Frazer died on May 7, 1941 at the age of 87.

When did Sir James Denham-Steuart die?

Sir James Denham-Steuart died on November 26, 1780 at the age of 68.