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Trading World of Warcraft accounts can be done online at the MaskedCrusader Trading Forums. One can become a member of the community for free, and arrange trades with other members.

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Q: Where can one get a Trade Wow Accounts online?
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Where can one go to sell WoW accounts?

One can go to V Barrack to sell WOW accounts. One can also go to KH Accounts, Buy MMO Accounts, Epic NPC, Account Warehouse and Player Auctions as well as WOW Gold Sale Cheap.

Where can one find information regarding WOW accounts for sale?

It is against the terms of service to sell a WOW accounts. It is highly recommended that you do not buy a WOW accounts as this could lead to the account getting banned.

Where can one find the Wow Trade website?

There is not one WoW trade website in particular. If you are looking for a community driven trading platform you can check "epvper". If you would like an ebay-like trading site you have to look for playerauctions website, which offers auctioning for many online games.

What is the official way to buy WOW accounts?

There are many ways to purchase WOW accounts, but very few of those ways are official. To officially buy a WOW account one needs to go the official website and purchase an account on it.

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Where can one buy WOW items online?

WOW items may be purchased online at the website Guy 4 Game. These items are also available at Team 4 Power, Wow Head, Wow 4 In Games, Thot Bot and Items Stores.

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How do you merge two World of Warcraft accounts together?

If you mean merging 2 wow accounts so all the characters are available from 1 account, that is not possible. It is, however, possible to merge up to 8 WoW accounts under a single account. You can do this by going into your account and adding your second WoW account to it. This can only be done if both accounts are registered under the same name. You will still have to log into an account separately to access different characters, but you can start up WoW twice, and log in to a different account with each session. Addendum:The above answer isn't correct. You can certainly merge 2 accounts as long as your name is registered to both. The only exception to this I believe is if one of the accounts belongs to a minor over whom you have guardianship.