What is online trading account?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An online trading account is what you establish if you want to trade online. When you buy and sell stocks online, you use an online broker. There are many different types of accounts you can open online: individual and joint, custodial accounts for your children, and retirement accounts. In terms of online trading accounts, you must choose between a cash and margin account. I encourage you to wikipedia this further and do research to see which account suits you best.


An online trading account allows you to buy/sell stocks, commodities, etc. online. For trading in stock markets it is necessary to have a trading account. An online trading account facilitates the user to trade from the ease of the home using internet. One can open an online trading account from reputed stock brokers in India like GEPL Capital.

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Q: What is online trading account?
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Can GE stock be bought online?

Yes. If you have an online trading account, you can Logon to your online trading account and buy it.

What is the best website to go to for an online trading account?

Stock Trading to go is a perfect website to go to online for a trading account. It has much variety and good directions. There are many reviews that will inform you on this specific website.

What paperwork is needed to open an online trading account?

You can find an online application to open an online trading account. If you wanted to trade stocks, options, mutual funds, etc. Then find a online application and you'll be on your way.

Can I get an online trading account for trading stocks?

If a person is wanting to trade in stocks, and do so online, there are a few places they may wish to set up an account with. Ameritrade is just one place a person may trade online. ETrade is another company which offers online trading. An individual may set up an account with either service.

How many online trading accounts are there in the US?

There are hundreds of thousands of online trading accounts in the US. Before opening an online trading account, be sure to do your research to see which brokers have the best offers and services for your individual trading needs.

How can one open an online share trading account?

When the person enter to the online trading website it will have a option where it said register here, then the site will ask for personal information, so the user have to provide it to open the account.

ICICI bank access code in online trading account?

what is an access code

What are the genuine sites where I can open a stock trading account online?

You can open a stock account online at You can also use

Would an online trading account help in gaining access to global stock exchanges as well Any idea?

You can choose an access to global stock exchanges while creating an online trading account with your investment management firm. You should consider the services rendered by NBK Capital, for example, in online stock trading.

What Demat account?

DEMAT account stands for Dematerialized account. It is an online account which is used to store stocks and mutual funds in electronic format. It is mandatory for online trading (buying and selling) of shares and mutual funds.

What companies are having a online trading offshore?

There are many companies which have online trading off shore. These companies include "Sterling Offshore Ltd" and also the "Bahamas Offshore Account".

What age do you have to be to be involved in stock trading online?

To be involved on stock trading online, you have to be at least 18 years of age or older. Otherwise you will need a parent or guardian to sign for the account.