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No. Account trading outside the game gets you permanently banned in Wizard101.

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Q: Is there a free level 80 wizard101 account you can have?
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What is the highest level on wizard101?

The highest level Is 80.

Can you have a free runescape account that is 80 plus?

If your talking about levels, yes. You can go over level 80 on a free account.

Free Grand Chase account?

orangegoogle7 savingsaccount2 level 80 sieghart will rexion set(full)

Do you have a free runescape account over level 80?

Answers must not be used to get free accounts.Only to answer questions.If you have one, answer, if you don't then don't answer.

How many levels are in wizard101?

there are 80 levels on wizard101

Can you have a free runescape account lvl 80 plus?

Sure you can. Create a new account, then do a lot of fighting to increase your level. Also bury bones to get prayer experience - this also increases your combat level.

Can somebody give you a free runescape account level 80 plus?

Yes but if depends if you trust them,also if they ask u for ur account and password dont give them it

What happens if you pass wizard101?

well when you pass wizard101, i hope your trying to say this, nothing really happens. So a lot of people decided to QUIT wizard101 because it was boring and there was nothing really interesting to do. So the wizard101 creaters upradged the game to level 70 instead of level 60, the original limited level. So i guess when everyone passes Wizard101 AGAIN... Then i guess the will upradge it to level 80 or more i dont know for sure if they upraged it because people were quitting but thats a high hypothesis. *hypothesis= Guess* Hope it helped! :D

Can I have a free runescape account over lvl 80 please?


How can you get level 80 in wow?

It is hard to get a high level account. It takes a lot of time. I think a easy way to get it is to buy a level 80 account from a account seller. There are a lot professional companies. You can choose a better one to buy. is a good company. You are interesting, you can try.

Lost my lvl 80 account. Any free level 70 or 80 WOW accounts out there?

Given how much it costs per month to play i kinda doubt anyone will give you an account. sorry dude.No, you must pay to play. $15.00 a month is not a lot of money.

Does any one have a free lvl 80 plus runescape account that you can have?