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DX has returned in 2009 and lasted to the beginning of 2010. But After Shawn Michaels lost to Undertaker, putting his career on the line and Taker putting his winning streak on the line at Wrestlemania 26, Shawn lost and is now officially retired.

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They did one last match,before Wm 26, against Sho-Miz and lost because of Shawn then Shawn lost at WM 26 and his Carrer was over so DX is over

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Q: When will DX return to the WWE?
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Is dx still going to be a team when Shawn Michaels returns?

yes if or when Shawn michaels return to the wwe i really do think that dx will be and always be together....

Is dx coming back to the WWE?

no dx is not coming back because Shawn michells is retired from wwe

Who is the funiest person in WWE?

(2010) um the funiest person in wwe was dx and now there is no more dx in wwe and now the funiest person in wwe is santino and his partner!

Will Shawn michaels return at summerslam 2009?

Yes he is i have a friend in the wwe business and he said hes returning at summerslam along with dx.

Did dx take cocaine in wwe?


Who is the best tagteen in the WWE?


Why is DX banned from the WWE?

Because DX embarrassed the WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, his son Shane and the entire Spirit Squad

What does dx mean in WWE?

DX is a tag team formed by Triple H, HBK, and other (former) WWE wrestlers. DX stands for D-Generation X, commonly known among fans and others as DX.

Is dx really friends?

no it just in wwe

WWE where is dx?

DX is a retired tag team, no longer together. This is because Triple H is the COO of WWE and Shawn Michaels is retired from wrestling.

Is Dx returning for good in 2009?

There have been some rumors that DX will return at Summerslam this year. They are going to come in with the Batista/Orton rivalry which will turn into DX/Legacy i guess. This is what i saw on the internet DX is returning to wwe so they can go to summerslam and face Ted Debiase and Cody Rhodes. then start to hunt down Randy Orton. And they are returing to wwe. As well dx may be only be together until Breaking Point PPV check ticket info breaking Point Dx however will definitily still have some thing with orton to work

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