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Serious Sam was created on 2001-03-01.

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Q: When was Serious Sam created?
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When was Serious Sam II created?

Serious Sam II was created on 2005-10-11.

When was Serious Sam Advance created?

Serious Sam Advance was created on 2004-04-12.

When did Serious Sam happen?

Serious Sam happened in 2001.

When did Serious Sam II happen?

Serious Sam II happened in 2005.

What is the difference between serious sam and serious sam the first encounter?

Serious Sam refers to the console version for Xbox. Serious Sam: The First Encounter refers to the PC version. They're both entirely different games.

Is their a serious sam 3?

Yes there is a Serious Sam 3. But there is hardly any info on it.

Where can you get serious Sam?

serious sam you can get the movie it has a movie in a town called plovdiv in Bulgaria

Where to download serious sam?

You can get it from Steam.

Who is serious sam's father?


When was Sam na sam created?

Sam na sam was created on 2007-11-09.

Is serious Sam 2 multiplayer?


Will there be a serious sam movie?

yes in 2032