What is iOMG about?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, the school has a lock-in where everybody stays in the school over night to finnish their projects. Freddie and his new friend Brad make a "Pear Pad" app which can tell you what mood a person is feeling. Lately, Sam has been acting strange and wants to help Freddie and Brad with their project. When Sam gets her mood checked it comes up IN LOVE. Carly and Freddie believe that Sam is in love with Brad but Sam denies it and when they try to hook Sam up with Brad, Sam isn't as pleased as they hoped she would have been. Later, Freddie has a very serious conversation to Sam about love and then whilst Freddie is speaking Sam kisses him. Meanwhile, Gibby and Carly are working on their project and they ask Spencer to be their subject. Spencer agrees to join them in the lock-in to help. Carly and Gibby make a chamber and lock Spencer in it and test his reactions to different things. Hope this has helped. :)

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Q: What is iOMG about?
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When was iCarly iOMG made?

iOMG was filmed in 2010 but it aired in 2011

When does iOMG air?

I know for a fact that iOMG aired April 9 2011 in the USA.

Will there be a sequeal to icarlys iomg?

Yes, on August 13 will be the continuation of iOmg called, "iLost My Mind".

Is Dan Schneider going to make a iomg part two?

Yes. After the iPartywithVictorious episode there will be an episode that continues iOMG.

Does sam like Freddie from iomg?

Yes, she does.

When is the next episode of the iomg?

in 3 years

When is iOMG coming out in the UK?

November 2011

Whats the next newest iCarly?


What are the release dates for iCarly - 2007 iOMG 4-9?

iCarly - 2007 iOMG 4-9 was released on: USA: 9 April 2011

Where can you find the full iCarly iOMG episode?


Dose sam like Freddie on icarly?

no ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, she does, it is revealed and confirmed in the episode iomg. The storyline will continue. There is an episode (other half of iomg) where they actually become a couple. A promo had been aired and the name of iomg part 2 is ilost my mind. If you watch the promo, you can have most of the information.

What happens on iCarly episode iomg?

sam and Freddie get together