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I have a feeling that might not happen, or at least not for a long time! iOMG certainly angered Creddie fans! I, being a Seddie Shipper, believe that last Saturday's episode with A-MAZ-ING, but other might not have.

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They fall in love in iCarly:iSave your life, but Freddie says you only love me because i saved your life. Carly has to choose wether she actually loves Freddie in the new series.

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Q: Are Freddie and Carly going out in the series iCarly?
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I saved your life -iCarly?

Well if your asking for a summary... then here it goes. Ok. So Carly, Sam and Freddie go out to shoot a dare for iCarly. Sam comes back and says that Carly was going to get hit by a truck but Freddie pushed her out of the way and he got hit. They then go to Mrs.Benson taking care of him. Carly comes in and Mrs.Benson is acting very mean and says "It should have ben you" to Carly. After a little while they go back and Freddie is showering and Mrs.Benson goes to get his meds. Carly looks around and is smiling. Freddie falls in the shower and Carly closes her eyes goes in and helps him. Carly leans over and kisses him and Mrs. Benson comes in and catches them. They then cut to school. Freddie is surronded by girls. Later a girl attempts to ask Freddie out but Carly comes and over and kisses him. So Carly goes to class but Sam comes over to Freddie and talks to him. He relates is to the time she dates a boy because he got her bacon. So she says she only likes him cause he saved her life. When Freddie and Carly are together Freddie gets upset and relizes that Sam was correct. He says they should wait till the whole hero thing wears off and if she still wants to be his girlfriend he would be really happy about it. That's the end. The side plot is the 4 of them (Spence Carly Sam and Freddie) are all playing a game called Assasin. They try to get each other with paint tubes. Spencer got Carly on the first day and Sam got Freddie soon after. The whole week they show Sam and Spencer trying to get each other. At the end Sam prevails with a big set- up she eventually wins and she is very happy.

Is Carly going to soon date Freddie?

From the looks of i.speeddate they will in i save your life when Carly almost gets hit by a taco druck at the end of i speed date they dance so from the looks of that and the commercial when Carly sits down in freddies bed here is like a little play of what happens in that scene Carly- every one at school is saying your a hero Freddie- i don,t fell like a hero Carly- well you are one to me and then it just shows Carly leaning closer to Freddie and i don,t know if she just hugs him or if they really kiss but the way the people talk ithink they will kiss but that's just my opinion

When is Justin Bieber going to be on iCarly?

I don't think he's going to be on iCarly anytime soon, but he was on Tru Jackson.

Where does Carly shay get her schoolbag from in iowe you?

Well, my friend you are lucky that I found this question. You see if you watch iCarly frequently, you may have seen the episode where iCarly is going to be turned into a t.v. show, you may remember seeing "Amber Tate". Well, I played her and I know for a fact that Carly gets all her bags from Barcelona. If you watch the "cheetah girls" you will see that there is a person in the backdrop with the same bag. ~you are welcome

Why is iCarly the worst kid show?

I'm going to be the voice of reason here. First of all: This is a question about someone's opinion. Second of all: Lots of people like iCarly. Third of all: If you don't like iCarly, go exercise or watch another show!

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Are Carly and Freddie from icarly ever going to get back together?

yes, in an episode called iether "ilove freddie" or "istill love you".

In iCarly will Carly ever fall in love with Freddy?

yes i think cause' Freddie will ask Carly out probaly.

Are they making anymore iCarly in 2013?

yes, a featured length movie about carly sam and freddie going to italy together to get together

In icarly is Carly's dad ever going to show up in an episode?

No,not once,the only parent that shows up is freddie's mom

Who is going to be Carly's boyfriend on iCarly?


Are Carly and Freddie going to date on ICarly?

in the episode "isaved a life" Carly sam and Freddie are doing a webcast outside and a truck/car comes out and almost hits Carly...ALMOST. Freddie pushes her out of the way and brakes and arm and leg and gets a cut on his head and Carly KISSES Freddie to say "Thankyou for saving my life" <3 and Carly falls in love with Freddie

Will Carly and Freddy kiss on isaved your life?

Yes, in the commercial on Teen Nick Freddie's mom comes in and Carly and Freddie start screaming...will that mean something?...and then Carly comes screaming out of Freddie's apartment screaming and Sam asks Carly what happened in there and Carly says she kissed Freddie. THEY ARE GOING TO!!!

Are Carly and Freddie really going out?

Yes, but in the show.

Who are you going to kiss on icarly tonight can it be Freddie?


What is IbeleiveinBigfoot from iCarly about?

Well, Good Question, Do you know how rumours in the past have been going on about BIGFOOT SASQUATCH AND YETI have been going on , Carly Sam and Freddie try to find a way to discover it . My Pleasure To Help

Will Carly ever love Freddie?

YES!Carly will love Freddie not because i saved your life but for more...No cause in augest Freddie and sam are going to go out with each other

Are sam and Freddie going out of iCarly?

No way they are part of the show.