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Album-November 30, 1982.

Single-January 23, 1984.

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November 30th, 1982. :)

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Q: When was Michael Jackson's thriller released?
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What was Michael jacksons number one hit?


What was Michael jacksons best selling album?


When did Michael jacksons thriller sell 109 million copies?

During the 20+ years since it was first released.

What was Michael jacksons most popular?

Thriller and Billie Jean.

What is Michael jacksons all time number 1?


What is the World's best selling CD?

I believe its Michael jacksons thriller

What is the parental movie rating for Michael Jacksons thriller video?

In Germany it´s rated age 16!

When was Michael Jackson's CD Thriller released?

Thriller was released 30 November 1982.

What year did Michael jacksons thriller come out?

Thriller (Michael Jackson album, single, and video)Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album had a release date of November 30, 1982, but it officially came out in 1983. As of 2009, it is still the best-selling album in music history.The single "Thriller" was released in the UK in November 1983, and the music video on December 2, 1983. US release of the single was in January 1984.

When was Michael jacksons's this is it released?

October 28th, 2009.

Michael jacksons most money making song?

I'm guessing it was Thriller, since that's like the best album ever.

When is the Michael Jacksons This Is It movie released in England?

28th of October.