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In Germany it´s rated age 16!

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Q: What is the parental movie rating for Michael Jacksons thriller video?
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What is the movie rating for the last mimzy?

the last mimzy movie rating is a pg which stands for parental guidence

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7) crude humor and mild launuage

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Any age as it has a rating of pg just parental guidence

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It means Parental Guidance. If a movie gets that rating, it means that some of the elements in the film may not be appropiate for all audiences. It is up to the parents if their child(ren) should watch it. if your under 9 you have to have a parent with you

What is the Michael Jackson's This Is It expected rating?

rated PG

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial has a MPAA rating of P.G. (Parental Guidance).

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this means parental guidence is suggested, so mild violence or maybe a little languageanother answer- parental guidnece suggested-what that guy said is true but it also means

What movie rating suggesting parental guidance up to a certain age was first seen on this day in 1984?


What rating is parental guidance going to be?

its a walden media movie so probally PG CRUDE HUMOR AND SOME LAUNUAGE