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WWE only make Superstars WWE Champion depending on their current status in the WWE. They need to make the WWE Champion someone they WWE Universe is going to love (or really hate) because, the WWE Championship is the most prestigious title in the company so popularity is a must. I mean, think about it, even if you're not really into Wrestling, you know who the WWE Champion is.

So, as a company, WWE have to decide who will gain the most if they become the WWE Championship. Let's think about it like this. There are 3 types of people in WWE, The Main-Eventer's, such as CM Punk and John Cena, The Middle Carder's, such as Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett, and then the jobbers, such as Michael Mcgillicutty, sorry no offence.

Sin Cara isn't very popular at the moment so the chances he will become WWE Champion at this moment is very, very unlikely. But! That's not to say he won't become Champion in the near future, but, WWE very rarely give such unpopular superstars chances like this anymore, which is a real shame as Sin Cara is an amazing technical wrestler with a great gimmick, but that's how they run this business unfortunately.

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Sin Cara will wrestle after wrestlemania and will be Rey Mysterio worst enemy.

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Q: When is sin cara going to fight?
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no, not since Sin Cara has debuted

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sin cara is coming back after wrestkemania is done and he is going after shamus

Is sin cara going to be on smackdown or raw?

He is going to be on Raw

When is sin cara going todebut in WWE?

after wrestlemania

Is sin cara going to be in WWE 12?

Yes he is.

How is sin cara?

Sin Cara is 5'9.

Is Sin Cara blind?

No, Sin Cara is not blind.

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When is sin cara coming to the raw roster?

After wrestlemania and going to confront sheamus

Is sin cara going to tna?

maybe not in awhile he is currently signed with wwe

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sin Cara's birthday is in December 22