Is sin cara on wwe 12?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes sin cara is on wwe 12 i have seen him on the roster.

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Q: Is sin cara on wwe 12?
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Is sin cara is in WWE 2011 ps3?

No, he is only in WWE'12.

Is sin cara going to be in WWE 12?

Yes he is.

Is WWE Sin Cara defeated?

WWE's Sin Cara is undefeated so far.

Who would win sin cara or rey mysterio in WWE?

sin cara

Who is a better superstar in WWE sin cara or rey mysterio?

sin cara

Did sin cara get fired on WWE?


Is Sin Cara on WWE 11?


Why is sin cara not in the WWE?

He is he is currently injried

When is Sin Cara coming to the WWE?

sin cara is coming back after wrestkemania is done and he is going after shamus

Who to get out of a submission in WWE 12?

keep on pressing A really fast and that should do it p.s sin cara is the best

When will WWE get sin cara masks?

sin cara maskes are actully copyed from japenese wrestling and they get his maks from japen

How do you unlock sin cara in WWE shut your mouth ps2?

o oyunda sin cara yok ki