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yes i think so. i think they announced that they were going to have sin cara vs Rey Mysterio at wrestle 29. they were supposed to face at wrestle mania 28 but they were out with injurys

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Q: Is rey mysterio vs sin cara in WrestleMania 29?
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Are sin cara and rey mysterio friends?

yes sin cara and Rey Mysterio are friends

Are rey mysterio and sin cara?

yes sin cara and Rey Mysterio are friends

Why is Rey Mysterio Sin Cara?

he is not because rey mysterio has tattoes and you can see sin cara has blonde hair rey mysterio doesn't have any

Is Rey mysterio jealous of sin cara?

No because rey mysterio thinks sin cara is pretty cool and rey mysterio didn't know sin cara until he came to WWE but sin cara was in CMLL and rey mysterio used to be in WCW Sorry but SinCara and Rey have been friends for years.

What is john cenas favorite wrestler to have on a tag team?

sin cara or Rey Mysterio

Who is better sin cara or rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio because he is a multiple time world champ and Sin Cara isn't.

How old are rey mysterio and sin cara?

Rey Mysterio Was Born 11 December 1974 .... Making Him 35

Is sin cara rey mysterio?

No. Sin Cara (Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) and Rey Mysterio (Oscar Guiterrez) are two different people.

Who would win sin cara or rey mysterio in WWE?

sin cara

Who is a better superstar in WWE sin cara or rey mysterio?

sin cara

Did rey mysterio ever fight Sin Cara?

no, not since Sin Cara has debuted

Whats is sin cara to rey mysterio?

A friend