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Q: When is kekkaishi episode 31 coming out in English dub?
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When is inazuma eleven episode 67 English dub coming out?

It seems that the English dub after episode 67 have come out a long time ago but i also can't find them on any anime websites but there are some English dub episodes after 67 on youtube

Who voices the demon dog Madarao in the English dub of Kekkaishi?

Madarao is voiced by Troy Baker .

When is Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds episode 65 coming out in English?

I heard that the dub wasn't coming out. ... No episodes after 64 have been released in English as far as I know

Can you watch bleach episode 182 in English?

Yes, there are now 209 Bleach episodes in English dub, with another coming out every week

What episode does sailor moon get drunk English?

In the English dub it is episode 18;in the japanese version it is episode 22.

When will naruto episode 40 come out in English dub?

It's already come out you can watch it on Whoever asked this question probably asked it along time ago because the newest thing in Naruto right now is Naruto Shippuden episode 160 which is coming out this Thursay. Can't wait^_^

What season and Episode is Naruto currently on in English Dub?

For naruto shippuden its on episode 107

Megaman stream episode 1 English dub?

no where to find it

What is the last English episode of case closed?

The most recently and current episode that is Dub, is episode 130.

Which episode of Fullmetal Alchemist is called teacher?

Season 1 Episode 27 (in English Dub)

Where can you find free English episodes of the get backers?

Episode 1 Link: English Dub All episode 1 - 49 are uploaded for English dub!

Is the bleach English dub ending at episode 135?

No, They're going to Dub the show tell the end of the series.