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For naruto shippuden its on episode 107

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Q: What season and Episode is Naruto currently on in English Dub?
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What episode is the US Naruto at?

Currently just started Shippuden (season 2) so I'd say about episode 7

Will Naruto Shippuden air in English after episode 112?

yes it should but in naruto it didn't come out till season it might come out in season ten to

What season in Naruto is episode 453?

Naruto episode 453 isn't out yet.

In what episode is Naruto bandaged up?

Episode 135 Naruto 1st Season

What season of Naruto is episode 101?

If you're talking about 'Naruto' then its season 4. If you're talking about 'Naruto Shippuden' its season 5.

What Naruto episode did Hayate Gekko die?

I am thinking that it is Naruto episode 79 the last episode of 4th season.

What episode does Naruto death predicted?

Their is an episode intitled "The Death of Naruto" (episode 165 season 4 on hulu).

What is the last episode in season 8 of Naruto?

Episode 208

What episode in season 2 does Kakashi teach naruto more of rasengan?

Naruto Shippuden episode 15

Is Naruto Shippuden the last season of Naruto?

In fact, naruto shippuden is the continued season of naruto in japan

What episode or episodes of Naruto did Naruto fart in Kiba's face?

Surprise Attack! Naruto's Secret Weapon! (episode 45 season 1).

In what episode naruto leaves to train for 2 and a half yeas?

at the end of Naruto 1st season Episode no 220