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Omar is not in Escape the Fate anymore. His birthday is August 7.

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Q: When is Omar Espinosa from escape the fate birthday?
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Why did Omar from escape the fate leave the band?

Omar Espinosa left the band Escape The Fate because he had a fight with Max Green.

Who started escape the fate?

Ronnie Radke, Max Green, Robert Ortiz, Bryan Monte Money and Omar Espinosa.

Why did Omar espinosa left escape the fate?

Omar and Max Green had a fight so Max Punched Omar Espinosa in the face. Omar was filled with anger and wanted to kill Max, But instead he said "i quit". For more information read or listen to interviews about Ronald Joesph Radke.

Who plays the Guitar on escape the fate?

Bryan Monte money its use to be Omar espinosa and Bryan money but Omar quit because there bass player max green punched him in the faces live

What is the name of the girl in Escape the Fate?

There is no girl in Escape the Fate. The past members were Ronnie Radke, Omar Espinosa, and Carson Allen. The present members are Max Green, Craig Mabbitt, Monte/Bryan Money, and Robert Ortiz

Whatever happened to guitarist Omar Espinosa formerly of Escape the fate and LoveHateHero?

Omar Espinosa left the band during the Black On Black tour in late 2007. He stated in his MySpace blog that he left the band for good, but that his leaving was on good terms, and he is still friends with the members of Escape the Fate. He said that he will continue to support the members no matter what, and he still believes it is a great band. He co-started the band "The Black And White City" which broke up Feburary 28, 2008

What are the names of the people in the escape the fate?

Current members: - Craig Mabbitt - Max Green - Bryan 'Monte' Money - Robert Ortiz Former members: - Ronnie Radke - Omar Espinosa - Carson Allen

Where is Omar from Escape The Fate?

Since leaving Escape the Fate and LoveHateHero he hasn't been in any new bands.

Who is the other person is escape the fate the left?

I think you mean Ronnie Rake, but he has a new band called Falling In Reverse. Try that.... Radke* and about the same time that he left the band Omar Espinosa left as well.

How old is escape the fate members?

Craig Mabbitt - 23 Max Green - 24 Bryan 'Monte' Money - 23 Robert Ortiz - 23 Former Members: Ronnie Radke - 26 Omar Espinosa - 26 As for Carson Allen, I'm not sure.

Who founded escape the fate?

Bryan Monte Money did. He found Omar, and Max. And from there they found Ronnie and Robert.

When did Craig mabbitt join escape the fate?

when Ronnie Radke and Omar Epesona where kicked out of the band