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Escape The Fate is Alternative/Screamo/Punk.

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Q: What is the genre to escape the fate?
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When did escape the fate form?

Escape the Fate formed in 2004.

Who is Max green from escape the fate?

he is the bassist in escape the fate

Who Sings the song The Flood by Escape the Fate?

Uh. Escape the fate?

What Artists that may have used the genre punk?

All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Taking Back Sunday, You Me At Six, Escape The Fate

Who is the lead singer for escape the fate?

The singew of escape the fate is Ronnie Radke

Is escape the fate scene?

No, Escape the Fate is not scene. They have an alternative, screamo style... but they are not scene.

When did escape the fate become known?

Escape the Fate have been known since 2004

How is escape the fate influential?

Black Sabbath is influential. Escape the Fate is what's known as trendy.

How do you say im listening to escape the fate in french?

Je vous écoute Escape the Fate

Is slash in escape the fate?

yes, hes currently in escape the fate as a drummer. \m/ >.< \m/

Who wrote the songs for escape the fate?

Ronnie wrote almost all the material for Escape The Fate.

How does King Acrisios try to escape his fate?

how did king acrisios tries twice to escape his fate