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Omar and Max Green had a fight so Max Punched Omar Espinosa in the face. Omar was filled with anger and wanted to kill Max, But instead he said "i quit".

For more information read or listen to interviews about Ronald Joesph Radke.

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2010-08-09 06:02:58
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Q: Why did Omar espinosa left escape the fate?
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Why did Omar from escape the fate leave the band?

Omar Espinosa left the band Escape The Fate because he had a fight with Max Green.

Did escape the fate break up?

no escape the fate didnt break just Ronnie and max where kicked out =( Freshskater1: LOL, escape the fate didn't break up, Ronnie was kicked/sent to prison, Craig mabbit replaced him, Max was NOT kicked out, the old guitarist Omar Espinosa(sp) left the band before Ronnie left. lol

Whatever happened to guitarist Omar Espinosa formerly of Escape the fate and LoveHateHero?

Omar Espinosa left the band during the Black On Black tour in late 2007. He stated in his MySpace blog that he left the band for good, but that his leaving was on good terms, and he is still friends with the members of Escape the Fate. He said that he will continue to support the members no matter what, and he still believes it is a great band. He co-started the band "The Black And White City" which broke up Feburary 28, 2008

Who is the other person is escape the fate the left?

I think you mean Ronnie Rake, but he has a new band called Falling In Reverse. Try that.... Radke* and about the same time that he left the band Omar Espinosa left as well.

What are the asociated acts with escape the fate?

Blessthefall (Craig mabbit left the band to join escape the fate) Falling in Reverse (Ronnie Radke ex etf singers new band) Perfect Like me (Omar Espinosa ex guitarist of etf join this band after leaving the black and white city) On the last day (Carson Allen ex keyboards of etf joined this band after leaving etf) Black and white city (Omar Espinosa joined this band after he left etf) but he left for perfect like me perfect like me (Omar Espinosa started this band during his time in etf but pursued it after he left Black and white city ) but he left in 2010 but rejoined in 2012 but left again and is just a record producer and composer me vs. myself (carsons new band) get scared and motionless in white bands tj had left for etf dead rabbits tj's and craigs side project band lovehatehero band omar left for etf natural born killers a band max started after he left etf

Is Ronnie in escape the fate anymore?

No. he left.

Why did Omar leave escape the fate?

In an interview with Ronnie Radke (former vocalist), he said that Omar left the group because Max Greene (bassist) punched him in the face and Omar wanted to kill him after that so instead of killing him he just said "I'm out" and quit the band.

Who sings the day you left the womb?

Escape the Fate.

Why did Carson leave escape the fate?

Carson Allen left the band to join On The Last Day

Did max green leave escape the fate?

No Max Green didn't leave Escape The Fate. look on twitter max said he did.. due to musicul diffrence and personul issues.. yes max left ETF..

Does Danny Espinosa bat right or left?

MLB player Danny Espinosa can bat right or left (i.e. he is a switch hitter).

Does Danny Espinosa throw right or left?

MLB player Danny Espinosa throws right.

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