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The Day I Left the Womb (Dying Is Your Latest Fashion)

Harder Than You Know (This War Is Ours)

Cellar Door (Dying Is Your Latest Fashion)

World Around Me (Escape The Fate)

The not so slow songs (but have a lot of emotion in them) are:

Makeup (no album)

The Ransom (There's No Sympathy For The Dead)

My Apocalypse (Dying Is Your Latest Fashion)

Something (This War Is Ours)

Lost In Darkness (Escape The Fate)

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Q: What are the slow songs of escape the fate?
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Who wrote the songs for escape the fate?

Ronnie wrote almost all the material for Escape The Fate.

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What does Escape The Fate mostly sing about?

sad emo to girls songs but im a guy and i love those songs

Escape The Fate Harder Than You Know?

i don't understand the question, but yes its one of their songs.

What are some alternative band names?

Escape the Fate is a good alternative band their songs have some screaming in them but not alotBreaking Benjamin is also a good alternative band they are kinda like Escape the Fate

What songs take place on a small jet plane?

Possibly 10 miles wide by Escape the fate ?

When did escape the fate form?

Escape the Fate formed in 2004.

Who is Max green from escape the fate?

he is the bassist in escape the fate

What is the genre to escape the fate?

Escape The Fate is Alternative/Screamo/Punk.

Who Sings the song The Flood by Escape the Fate?

Uh. Escape the fate?

Who is the lead singer for escape the fate?

The singew of escape the fate is Ronnie Radke