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Bella finds out that Edward Cullen is a vampire in Twilight in chapter 6, after she goes to the party with Jacob black. he tells her legends about them, calling them the cold ones. Bella talks to edward about it in the forest afterwards and she knows that her theory was correct, that Edward Cullen actually was a vampire. it is not until edwardx tells her that she finds out they are "vegitarian vampires" who only drink blood form animals. this makes her feel safer and fall even more deeply in love with him

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Q: When does Bella find out edward is a vampire?
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Edward and Bella's Daughter is both Human and vampire ,no its not edward bit Bella so Bella is a vampire then they had a baby and the baby is a vampire because both edward and Bella are vampire parents!

What did Bella type to find out that Edward was a vampire?

Quiluete Legends

Will Bella be a vampire?

In Breaking Dawn, Edward turns Bella into a vampire.

How does Edward turn Bella into a vampire?

Edward turns Bella into a vampire by injecting venom into her heart with a syringe

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Edward is a vampire, Bella is a human.

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Because Bella is human and Edward is a vampire. It's possible for a vampire to have a baby with a human, but Edward and Bella didn't know that.

Will Bella be turned into a vampire?

After a series of events, yes, Edward does turn Bella into a vampire. But, if you want to find out how you should read the book. It was great!

Does Bella's dad find out that edward is a vampire in breaking dawn?

Yes Charlie (Bellas dad) finds out that Edward is a vampire because Bella tell him also he finds out for himself a bit

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How do you say Bella goes out with a vampire called edward in french?

Bella sort avec un vampire appelé Edward

What does Bella ask Edward to give her before he changes her into a vampire?

bella wants edward to 'sleep with her' before he changes her into a vampire

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