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Yanush Alurkov died on July 27, 1990, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Q: When did Yanush Alurkov die?
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When was Yanush Alurkov born?

Yanush Alurkov was born on May 30, 1953.

What movie and television projects has Yanush Alurkov been in?

Yanush Alurkov has: Played Vaneto in "Kapitanat" in 1963. Played Anton in "13 dni" in 1964. Played Hinko in "Konnikat" in 1964. Played Momcheto Plamen in "Mezhdu dvamata" in 1966. Performed in "The Clown and the Kids" in 1967.

When did Georgi Alurkov die?

Georgi Alurkov died on May 17, 1989, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

When did Leonid Yanush die?

Leonid Yanush died on 1978-06-08.

When did Yanush Vazov die?

Yanush Vazov died on January 29, 2006, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

When was Georgi Alurkov born?

Georgi Alurkov was born on June 20, 1926, in Sevlievo, Bulgaria.

When was Mikalay Yanush born?

Mikalay Yanush was born on 1984-09-09.

When was Leonid Yanush born?

Leonid Yanush was born on 1897-12-13.

When was Yanush Vazov born?

Yanush Vazov was born on August 27, 1927, in Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Clown and the Kids - 1967?

The cast of The Clown and the Kids - 1967 includes: Yanush Alurkov Leo Conforti as Mayor Katie Dunn as Freny, His Daughter Gancho Ganchev Valentin Ganev Emmett Kelly as The Piper Oleg Kovachev as Billy Mikhail Mikhajlov as Mr. Scrag Naicho Petrov Valentin Rusetzki Vihar Stoychev Burt Stratford as Mark, His Son

What actors and actresses appeared in Kapitanat - 1963?

The cast of Kapitanat - 1963 includes: Yanush Alurkov as Vaneto Dilyana Bachvarova as Elena Anastasiya Bakardzhieva as Druzhinnata Rayko Bodurov as Kapitana Vladimir Bratanov as Piratat Ivan Dashev as Pashata Katya Filipova as Margarita Rumen Isaev as Michmanat Veselin Krastev as Petleto Lilyana Lazarova as Rumyanka Petar Paynavelov as Evlogi Eduard Shahpazyan as Beliya Petko Bogomil Simeonov as Fomicha Petar Slabakov as Bate Dimo

Who was yanush korczak?

Dr. Yanush Korczak was a writer, educator, founder of an original system of education, and patron of children to whom he remained faithful to the end. Not wanting to abandon the orphans entrusted to his care in the Warsaw ghetto when they were condemned to death by the Nazis during World War II, Korczak refused a chance to save himself. He was voluntarily deported together with the children of his orphanage on August 6, 1942 and died with them at Treblinka.