When was Yanush Vazov born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yanush Vazov was born on August 27, 1927, in Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

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Q: When was Yanush Vazov born?
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When did Yanush Vazov die?

Yanush Vazov died on January 29, 2006, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

When was Vladimir Vazov born?

Vladimir Vazov was born on 1868-05-14.

When was Mikalay Yanush born?

Mikalay Yanush was born on 1984-09-09.

When was Leonid Yanush born?

Leonid Yanush was born on 1897-12-13.

When was Yanush Alurkov born?

Yanush Alurkov was born on May 30, 1953.

When was Ivan Vazov born?

Ivan Vazov was born on June 27, 1850, in Sopot, Vazovgrad, Bulgaria.

When did Vladimir Vazov die?

Vladimir Vazov died in 1945.

Who is Ivan Vazov?

Ivan Vazov is a Bulgarian poet and writer.

When did Leonid Yanush die?

Leonid Yanush died on 1978-06-08.

When was Ivan Vazov National Theatre created?

Ivan Vazov National Theatre was created in 1906.

When did Ivan Vazov die?

Ivan Vazov died on September 22, 1921, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

When did Yanush Alurkov die?

Yanush Alurkov died on July 27, 1990, in Sofia, Bulgaria.