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John C. Truesdale died on 2011-07-03.

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Q: When did John C. Truesdale die?
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When was John C. Truesdale born?

John C. Truesdale was born on 1921-07-17.

When did William Truesdale die?

William Truesdale died in 1935.

What has the author C W Truesdale written?

C. W. Truesdale has written: 'The master of knives' 'The loss of rivers'

When did Frank Truesdale die?

Frank Truesdale died on 1943-08-27.

When did Donald Leroy Truesdale die?

Donald Leroy Truesdale died on 1993-09-21.

When and where did baseball player Frank Truesdale die?

Frank Truesdale died August 27, 1943, in Albuquerque, NM, USA.

When did Howard Truesdale die?

Howard Truesdale died on December 8, 1941, in Los Angeles, California, USA of heart attack.

When did John C. Underwood die?

John C. Underwood died in 1913.

When did John C. Farrar die?

John C. Farrar died in 1974.

When did John C. Conner die?

John C. Conner died in 1873.

When did John C. Campbell die?

John C. Campbell died in 1919.

When did John C. Kunkel die?

John C. Kunkel died in 1970.