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Zane Truesdale's/Ryo Marufuji's birthday is supposedly October 15 though his birth year is never mentioned. So most probably he stay 17-20 all the year around.

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Q: What is zane truesdale birthday?
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Who is Zane Truesdale?

Zane Truesdale is a character from Yu-Gi-Oh GX, the top duelist in the 'duel academy'

What is zane truesdale deck?

Zane Truesdale's deck is based around his Cyber Barrier Dragon card. In Japan, Zane's name was Ryo Marufuji, and he was nicknamed "Kaiser Ryo".

Why do Zane and Syrus Truesdale fight?

Zane and Syrus fight because some how Zane becomes evil and Syrus wants to return him to normal

Who is the best duelist?

Zane Truesdale is the best duelist of all Yugioh

Why did zane truesdale want to destroy aster Phoenix?

In Aster's early appearance, he defeated Zane in a duel at the pro league.

How do you make a best relation with zane truesdale?

use a cyber dragon deck

What is Yanic Truesdale's birthday?

Yanic Truesdale was born on March 17, 1970.

What happens to Zane Truesdale after his accident in the altamate demention in Yugioh GX season 4?

he dies

Who is the best duelist at Yu-Gi-Oh?

Its Zane Truesdale of course because Jaden and Yugi are an equal match and Zane's obviously better than Jaden making him the best duelist throughout the entire series!!

Yu-Gi-Oh gx Zane truesdale turns good again?

no because if you watch episode 178 Zane gets killed as he sacrifices himself to save syrus as syrus battled Zane again but lost and the underworld try to take over him so no Zane dies and doesn't turn good

How old is Zane truesdale?

Zayn* (or Zain if you will, real spelling. He prefers Zayn) He is currently 19. His birth date is January 12, 1993. -Posted on March 20, 2012-

What is the shipping for jaden and zane in fanfiction?

In fanfiction, the shipping for Jaden Yuki and Zane Truesdale is commonly referred to as "Jaden/Zane". This pairing explores a romantic relationship between the two characters from the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Fans of this shipping enjoy exploring the dynamics and chemistry between Jaden and Zane in their stories.